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Department of Fisheries, Ministry of Primary Resources and Tourism has held a briefing on Good Hygiene Practices on the fisheries sector, namely industrial fishing fleets, aquaculture and fish processing plants. The briefing was held at the Fisheries Complex in Muara, Serasa on Thursday, June 2, 2016.

• Guidelines for hygiene requirements on board and the landing of Brunei Darussalam

• Guidelines for good aquaculture practices for shrimp farms

• Guidelines for hygiene requirements for fish processing plant Brunei Darussalam

Good Hygiene Practice guidelines contain information and guidance on how to meet the hygiene requirements throughout the supply chain of fisheries products from fishing vessels, fish landing facilities, aquaculture farms and fish processing plants.  This is to enable products produced and market in local and export markets and thus can compete with the products of other fisheries outside the country.

For those company has can excess high production and potential to export their product, must comply with the laws and requirements of the importing country before exporting their products such as has a control system a system of regulation of cleanliness, implementation of measures of biosecurity measure and record – keeping.

Aquaculture industry is projected to produce 93,890 metric tons with a value of $681 million in year 2020 and European Union market is highly targeted to be accessed.

Therefore, the presence of hygiene guidelines and public health requirements will enable companies to implement food-handling operations hygienically and produce products of high quality during processing.

The briefing was attended by local entrepreneurs who actively involve in the industrial sector, capture fisheries, aquaculture and fish processing.

The briefing was officiated by Guest Yang Mulia Abdul Halidi bin Mohd Salleh, Acting Director of Fisheries Department, Ministry of Primary Resources and Tourism and subsequently gave a welcome remarks to the attendees.  

Department of Fisheries

Ministry of Primary Resources and Tourism

2 June 2016M / 26 Syaaban 1437H